Digital Clamp Meter


  • Autoranging: 

  • AC: 200A/600A

  • AC: 600V

  • DC: 600V

  • Resistance: 2000 ohms

  • Continuity test

  • Data hol

  • Requires 9V Battery

  • Accessories: meter probe and carrying pouch

Digital Multimeter



  • Easy to use rotary switch for selecting function and range

  • High sensitivity of 100uV

  • Auto over-range indication

  • Auto polarity indication on DC ranges

  • All ranges fully protected

  • Resistance measurements: 0.1 ohms to 200 megaohm

  • Capacitance measurements: 1pF to 20uF

  • Diode testing with 1mA fixed current

  • Transistor hFE test with ib-100uA

  • Temperature measurement with or without K type thermocouple


  • DC voltage: 200mV to 1000V

  • AC voltage; 200mV to 700V

  • DC current: 2mA to 20A

  • AC current: 20mA to 20A

  • Resistance: 200 ohm to 200 megaohm

  • Capacitance: 2000pF to 20uF

  • Temperature: -50 to 400 deg C (K type thermocouple), 0 to 40 deg C (built-in sensor)

  • Frequency range: 20kHz

  • Requires 9V Battery

Digital Auto-Range Multimeter



  • Auto-ranging

  • Measures: AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, frequency

  • Tests: diode, transistor, audible continuity

  • Accesories: meter probe, holster



  • DC voltage: 326mV to 1000v

  • AC voltage: 3.26v to 750V

  • DC current: 326uA to 10A

  • AC current: 326uA to 10A

  • Resistance: 326ohm to 32.6 megaohm

  • Capacitance: 326nF to 32.6uF

  • Frequency: 32.6kHZ to 150 kHZ

  • Requires 9V Battery

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