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To enquire about our custom services, simply leave a message on the 'Contact' page or drop us an email. Alternatively, do approach us at our retail front.
Cable Fabrication


For every specific cabling solution, there will be varying requirements in terms of cable length, connector wiring configurations, wire core thickness, etc. Our years of expertise in cable fabrication will ensure that no matter the complexities of your requirements, we will do our utmost to cater for them. We also offer custom cabling solutions for electrical hardware. We also offer custom cabling solutions for electrical hardware. Simply leave a message on the 'Contact' page specifying your cabling requirements and we will respond. If you have a sketch ready for the specifications, email us a picture with descriptions at



With an expansive network of manufacturers and distributors built throughout our years in the industry, we continually succeed in ironing out procurement difficulties for many businesses by sourcing for their electronics requirements. Simply leave a message on the 'Contact' page specifying your product in question and we will respond.

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